How to keep pumpkins looking fresh all season long

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Do you want to preserve and keep your pumpkins looking fresh?

Nothing says "It's Fall" more than pumpkins! It's October and they are everywhere!!! Whether you get them at the grocery store or pick them at your local farm, they are such a staple of the Season. Children love to carve them into jack o lanterns or paint them; adults let their creativity come out and play using pumpkins as their go to Fall décor for both their homes’ interiors and front porches.

However, these famous gourds are not indestructible, and nothing is scarier than a sunken or rotten pumpkin or one that has been eaten away by squirrels or other lurking pests.

Here are a few solutions to these problems to help you keep your home beautifully decorated all season long.

So how do you keep your pumpkins looking fresh all seasons?

After doing a lot of research and reading article after article, it seems that one solution to this problem is the overall winner: a water/bleach bath!

Here's How To:

·         Dilute 1 tbsp bleach in 4 cups water (or 1 part bleach to 10 parts water)

·         Soak your pumpkins for 20 minutes

·         Dry the pumpkins

·         Have fun decorating


How to keep critters away from your gourds?

The main idea is to repel these little visitors. They don’t like sticky surfaces or strong smells. You can rub your pumpkins with petroleum jelly, vapor rub or hot sauce; might need to re apply after it rains.

There you go, enjoy your beautiful and spooky decorations all season long!